Forest City Elementary School
Funding Analysis 2021-2022
These figures represent the funds budgeted for fiscal year
7-1-21 through 6-30-22

Staffing (Includes Salaries & Benefits)
Staffing at Forest City Elementary School is based on a staffing formula approved by the School Board.
FTE Budget (Includes $3,746.21 of carryover funds)
Each elementary school receives $34.01 per weighted FTE, plus additional funding for exceptional needs students, to be used at the discretion of the principal for any operating need of the school.
School Improvement (Includes $12.94 of carryover funds)
Each school receives $0.00 per unweighted FTE for School Improvement needs. These funds are to be used for school improvement at the discretion of the school advisory councils.
Instructional Materials:
Each school was allocated funds per unweighted FTE for Instructional Material purchases. The schools were allocated Flex, Library Media, and Science funds. These funds are to be used for Instructional Material purchases at the discretion of the principal. In addition, the District purchases books for all students and teachers in core subjects (math, science, social studies, language arts/reading, and foreign languages).

        Flex Funds (includes $0.00 of carryover funds)    $5,766.30
        Library Media Materials (includes $0.00 of carryover funds)    $2,732.22
        Science Supplies (includes $0.00 of carryover funds)    $1,029.42
Capital Outlay (Includes $488.81 of carryover funds).
Each school receives funds based on the following factors (a) design capacity of school; (b) relationship of enrollment to capacity; (c) average age of facility. These funds can be used for renovation and purchase of equipment. (d) No allocation is made for new or totally renovated schools.
Custodial Supplies Budget
Each school receives $8.50 per unweighted FTE for Custodial Supplies. These funds are used by the schools to purchase custodial related supplies.
Electricity $238,628.22
Other Utilities (Water, Sewer, etc.) $3,465.76
Telephones $3,268.00
Total: $5,356,270.89
Projected FTE Data
FTE = Full Time Equivalent : Referring to FTE students. One student attending school full time for 180 days during the regular school year generates one (1) FTE.
Unweighted FTE: 774.01
Weighted FTE: 848.70